5 Quick Tips For Consumers
1 - Find Your Color
The best way to learn more about natural color diamonds is to see them in person. This way you can learn the unique characteristics and subtle differences of each stone and ultimately choose the diamond fits your taste and budget. NCDIA members have access to a variety of color diamonds, jewelry and a wealth of information and resources that can help you make the best decision.
2 - Consider Fancy and Fancy Light Diamonds
The lighter the color diamonds are generally less expensive than their intense and vivid counterparts. Yet, they contain the same hue and color that you are looking for in a diamond. Consumers frequently sacrifice strength of color for a larger stone, and jewelers familiar with natural color diamonds have ways to set lighter color stones to bring out the color.
Fancy Vivid Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Light Yellow
3 - Be Open To Modifying Colors

The cost of a diamond with a pure hue, like a pink, blue or green may decrease when it has modifying colors like gray, brown or yellow. There is an endless palate of colors available to, and you should choose the color that you are drawn to most without being tied down by a laboratory’s technical descriptions for a diamond's color.

Vivid Pink
Orangy Pink
Brownish Pink
Purple Pink
4 - Be Unique And Fun

Fashion jewelry designers are having fun creating one-of-a-kind pieces using stones like fancy white, brown, and olive diamonds. Many of these diamonds are widely available and affordable in 1 carat sizes and look very impressive in jewelry.

Fancy White
Brown Congnac
5 - Find (or make) A Piece Of Jewelry You Love
Natural color diamonds are far more dramatic than colorless diamonds. Many modern jewelry designers use a number of smaller stones to create unique pieces at an affordable prices. You can work with your jeweler to either find or create a custom piece of jewelry that has the color which appeals most to your individual style and budget.

Quick Tips
for Consumers
A list of five expert quick tips to help make your natural color diamond purchase an educated as well as pleasant experience...
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