benefits of joining NCDIA
Every NCDIA member is afforded access to a wealth of resources and supportall aimed at assisting members to participate more effectively and profitably in the emerging Natural Color Diamond marketplace. As a member you will be actively included in and benefit from the efforts of the entire community of producers, designers, manufacturers and vendors of this dazzling new segment of the established diamond industry. Some of the benefit highlights are set forth here and you are encouraged to contact the NCDIA for additional information.
1 - Prestige and Consumer Credibility
The NCDIA is an organizationssss whose mission is to educate and promote global awareness and desire for Natural Color Diamonds. Membership publicly conveys to each member the imprimatur and support of the Association and accords a trusted status that is visible and marketable with consumers.
2 – Education
NCDIA provides its members with the most current gemological information on Natural Color Diamonds. Additionally members will have access to an FAQ section and an ask the expert section where their question will be answered by NCDIA educational director Tom Gelb.
3 - Industry & Local Marketing Support
The NCDIA is recognized as the world authority when it comes to sourcing, education, and marketing of Natural Color Diamonds and jewelry. In addition to local display of the NCDIA logo, every member has available to them, a full range of POP (Point of Purchase) materials for in case, counter top, traffic area and window displays, consumer brochures, and more. Members also have access to specialized training as well as an extensive photo image and video library, all aimed at increasing sales effectiveness and profitability.
4 - Special Promotions
Members also benefit from and can participate in organized local promotions, special holiday trunk shows, special traveling collection displays and NCDIA expert speakers for special events NCDIA sponsors special "members only" programs tied to exclusive trade and fashion marketing opportunities.
5 - Consumer Research and Market Intelligence
Every member has access to and can benefit from NCDIA-sponsored as well as collected consumer research data. Including both quantitative and qualitative studies, reports of findings are produced with the aim of educating members and stimulating more effective marketing and sale of Natural Color Diamonds and jewelry.
6 - Networking and Communications
In addition to receipt of quarterly printed and mailed versions, every member has immediate access via the Internet to NCDIA news, newsletters, press releases, calendar of events, meetings and a full spectrum of member forum networking channels to keep abreast of happenings and keep ahead of competing forces.
7 - Internet Presence
NCDIA owns and maintains the #1 Natural Color Diamond website on the Internet, dedicated to promote the industry and every one of its members. Each member may choose to be included in the special Member Design Gallery to showcase product, profile and own-store website link, and will be listed in our online retail vendor locator service for easy consumer viewing.
8 – Product Sourcing
NCDIA allows members to participate in product sourcing, which a member can log on to our NCDIA membership area and send out a request for a Natural Color Diamond(s) that they are searching for. Members can reply to this product listing via email to the fellow member who is searching for this request.
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