It's all about color
Natural color diamonds are unique as they exist in almost every imaginable color, size and price range. Natural color diamonds vary from the faintest shade of pastel pink, brown or yellow to the most deep or vivid shade of blue, green or orange.

The best color in the whole wide world is the one that looks best on you

– Coco Chanel

The Primary Colors of Diamonds
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Natural color diamonds can vary in color saturation or strength from very faint to an intense vivid color. Just a slight shift in color strength can make a color diamond significantly more affordable. Strength of color is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a natural color diamond. The value of a natural color diamond typically increases with the intensity of the most prominent color within the diamond. In an attempt to bring some uniformity to the industry description of natural color diamonds, gem analysis laboratories have developed the fancy color diamond color scale to classify the strength or intensity of a diamond's color. >


It is very common for laboratories to describe the color of a natural color diamond as combination of two or three colors. When a diamond has more than one color, the last color mentioned is the primary color of the stone. For example, a Bluish Green diamond has a primary hue of green with a modifying tint of blue. These modifying colors create an endless palate of available colors to choose from. Combined with the varying intensities, it’s no wonder that natural color diamonds are one-of-a-kind.
Quick Tips
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