Rio Tinto taking Argyle diamonds to the Oscars

New York--Rio Tinto is positioning itself to support its network of diamantaires through a variety of consumer-targeted initiatives throughout the year, beginning with the Academy Awards later this month.

The initiatives, aimed at promoting fashion diamond jewelry, will serve to create awareness and educate consumers on the versatility and affordability of jewelry containing Argyle diamonds from Australia.

The first initiative, already underway, will showcase the Argyle diamond jewelry collection to celebrities, nominees and presenters attending the upcoming Oscars, scheduled for Feb. 24. The exposure will not only provide awareness of Argyle diamonds but set the stage for later promotional events, the mining company said.

“We see these initiatives as instrumental in ensuring that the consumer understands the beauty of Argyle diamonds while illustrating the high value of the pieces,” said Rebecca Foerster, manager of Rio Tinto’s U.S. representative office.

Foerster said further promotional events will be unveiled in Las Vegas this June.

At last year’s Las Vegas shows, Rio Tinto launched a new campaign called “Diamonds with a Story.” The campaign provides retailers with marketing materials for their stores that highlight the positive aspects of Rio Tinto’s diamond mining operations that produce “Silvermist,” Argyle, Canadian and “Champagne” diamonds.

Also last year, Rio Tinto announced its intention to potentially exit the diamond business, with speculation arising that the company is looking to float its diamond business, packaging it as a new company for listing on the London Stock Exchange.