Diamond Expert Larry West of L.J. West Diamonds Offers Consumer Tips on Spotting Fake Diamonds, Recent Reports

Diamond Expert Larry West of L.J. West Diamonds Offers Consumer Tips on Spotting Fake Diamonds, Recent Reports

By Digital Journal

From fake GIA certificates to the recent reports of Utah diamond consumers being scammed, knowing how to identify a fake diamond is a very valuable, cash-saving skill. New York-based diamond expert, Larry West of L.J. West Diamonds, a 30-year industry veteran and declared specialist in the most exotic colored diamonds, comments on the top four ways a non-expert can spot a fake diamond—without using specialized equipment.

West, who is currently the Authorised Partner of Argyle Pink Diamonds and the Former President of the Natural Color Diamond Association, says, “Consumers can protect themselves from these types of scams by knowing what to look for in an authentic stone.” He offers quick and easy tips below:
1.    Complete Transparency is cause for concern. Test this by placing the stone upside down over printed text, such as a newspaper. If the text is easily read, question the stone’s authenticity.
2.    Ability to hold Steam/Fog is also an indication of being an impostor. Authentic diamond stones disperse heat rapidly, after only one or two seconds. Test this by breathing on the stone.
3.    Absolute Perfection is another red flag. Natural stones with an internally flawless (IF) grade are extremely, extremely rare; hence their well-deserved value. Fake “flawless” stones will likely have “too-good-to-be-true” rock-bottom price tags.
4.    Reflection Color (non-colored diamonds): Genuine diamonds are reflective, and typically have grey/silver reflections. Rainbow reflections are yet another reason to question a gems authenticity.

He also advises that the process of verifying the authenticity of color diamonds will likely require the help of an expert, when looking to distinguish natural color from color enhancement. But the best way to ensure a diamond’s authenticity is to purchase the stone from a reputable dealer.

The L. J. West inventory, all GIA-certified stones, includes the greatest number of Argyle Pink diamonds in the United States. The company partners with world-renowned designers in the creation of their finished jewelry pieces, all crafted with precious stones. To learn more about diamond authenticity, visit the L.J. West Diamonds website (http://www.ljwestdiamonds.com/).
L.J. West Diamonds are experts in the cutting, polishing, and certifying of natural colored diamonds. Larry West, President, has 30+ years of experience in the diamond industry. Visit the company website, http://www.ljwestdiamonds.com, for more information.

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