Kristin Hanson’s Colorless and Champagne Diamond Ice Ring

Kristin Hanson has always loved natural colored diamonds, so it’s not a surprise that she’s intensifying offerings of them. But it’s her mission to make them more of a staple in stores that’s noteworthy. In the past calendar year, the designing force behind the eponymous firm unveiled a more robust mix of wholesale pieces as well as couture styles, including the Ice ring below.

“The Ice ring is inspired by the old glamour of New York City and of architecture,” says Hanson, adding that the piece is currently in Hollywood with Rio Tinto for the upcoming Academy Awards.

The ring took four and a half months to make, and is made in 18k gold palladium with a 3.6 ct. modified radiant-cut, Maple-color—Hanson’s trademarked term for champagne—diamond with 3.85 cts. t.w. colorless diamonds.

An admirer of LeVian’s Chocolate Diamond marketing plan, Hanson prefers the “softer” look of champagnes or Maples. “The names are romantic but also help to understand what the color is, so it’s a tool for the consumer as well,” she says.