Inspiration and Design – Eyal Cohen’s Vivid Teal Eye Candy Ring

Inspiration and Design – Eyal Cohen’s Vivid Teal Eye Candy Ring

By Gino Di Geso

NCDIA  includes some of the world’s most prominent rough diamond producers, diamond and jewelry manufacturers, designers and retailers. 

Eyal Cohen, owner of Luxury Diamonds, has a passion for rare and exotic natural color diamonds. He ethically sources the rarest gems worldwide and then cuts them to perfection in New York. He creates one of kind settings, characteristic of his discerning style. Those lucky enough be adorned by these magical gems understand their ability to transform simple monetary assets into wearable pleasure.

The Eye Ring, pictured below, represents Eyal’s love for pleasing form and shapely function. The center diamond is a Fancy Vivid Green Blue radiant cut, which appears to float above the ring. The kite-shaped diamonds in the mounting have no metal holding them in place, and appear to magically float as well. The play of color between the vivid teal colored center diamond, white pave and pink accent make the piece fun and interesting.

What inspired such a design?

“I envisioned an hourglass shaped shank, and wanted the center diamond to stand on its own wonderful merit” says Eyal. “In my travels, I only find a few striking diamonds a year, so I want to place them into unique settings which showcase their magnificence” 

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