Exploring the Beauty of Natural Color Diamonds

Exploring the Beauty of Natural Color Diamonds

By Alan Bronstein- Vice President, of NCDIA

Nature is the ultimate source of all beauty. One thousand years ago when civilization began a major exploration of our earth, these explorers would marvel at the varieties of animals, trees, flowers, birds, fish and stones that they found on their journey. What a joy it must have been.

Today we are focusing our attention on the niche world of natural color diamonds.

Colored diamonds are like delicious chocolate, strawberry and butter pecan ice cream.  A great treat after plain vanilla white diamonds! - Nancy Schuring - Devon Fine Jewelers - USA

Though colored diamonds have existed since diamonds were discovered approximately 3000 years ago in India, it is only in the last 20 years that their beauty has become an object of desire for the consumer market. As it was always the policy of DeBeers for marketing the 99% of colorless diamonds as the symbol of love, they would never even acknowledge the existence of color diamonds because of their non-commercial benefits. Now colored diamonds are taking their place as something that has the diamond aura but with unusual appeal of different visual beauty within this diamond symbolism.

This consumer awareness was initiated when a relatively small, less than one carat, unique purplish red diamond sold at auction for almost $1million at auction in 1986 to a collector. Since that moment, gem dealers and retailers have developed the marketing and designer styles to showcase this unusual and often rare gemstone.

When you look into the dazzling facets of a colored diamond, you become spellbound. It is hard to look away. Each one tells a unique story of a profound transformation of enormous energy and of endless time. Ulrik Hartmann - Hartmann's - Denmark

Today it is the crown of the diamond industry as significantly large and super rare specimens are the star attractions and break auction prices on a yearly basis. Just this week a blue diamond of approximately 10 carats sold for $32 million or about $3.2million per carat. Just last year a 13 carat blue diamond sold for $1.8 million per carat.  While that is not the real world for most of us, it sets an example of the desirability and rarity of these mini natural works of art.

In truth, natural color diamonds and jewelry can cost from $100 up to $100 million, with everything in between being available. Rarity and size may be a vital in extremely expensive stones, but these factors have nothing to do with the main reason for owning a natural color diamond. Most natural color diamonds are fashion statements, which are surely in vogue today. Unless you are a very sophisticated and knowledgeable buyer, do not think of your purchase as an investment, no matter how hard the salesman promotes that concept. The most important factor is beauty, and in the world of color diamonds the selection is infinite. In this realm of endless variety, beauty is truly a matter of taste, what is appealing to the individual, what is the subliminal meaning of a color to each of us that makes us attracted to a specific gemstone or its presentation in the jewelry designed for its adornment. The bottom line is, there is no right or wrong when it comes to picking the fruit from the color diamond tree that satisfies your taste. Here is the opportunity to be a modern day explorer and find the color and design that makes you happy.

Natural Color Diamonds are an exciting attraction to our inventory, offering a unique and fresh alternative to white diamonds.  - Marc Solomon - Solomon's Jewelers - USA

Natural color diamonds offer endless opportunities for hunting for your special gem that has been hidden from sight for so long, and for you as an individual to express your uniqueness, as you do with the clothes you wear and the accessories that help define your personality. You will find if you look long enough, every color you can imagine, every shade, hue and saturation from subtle pastels to vivid full bodied, in your face colors. One may be more expensive than another but whom but the customer will decide what is most beautiful within their budget. People often ask me, “what is my favorite color in diamonds and my answer is always the same.

I have no favorite color because there are so many beautiful choices.

Go exploring, which is part of your self-education and due diligence, and find the natural color diamond and jewel that appeals to you, and gives you joy when you look at it. Working within your budget, there is no doubt if you look and search and dream, your dream diamond will appear.