GIA adopts Sarine Instructor as standard software

GIA adopts Sarine Instructor as standard software

Kfar Saba, Israel--Sarine Technologies Ltd. announced recently that the Gemological Institute of America has completed evaluation of its new DiaMension Axiom platform and Instructor software and has adopted Instructor as its standard software.

According to Sarine, after conducting its evaluation, the GIA converted from using Sarine’s DiaVision software, which it verified and adopted in 2010, to running Instructor on the DiaMension HD platforms. 
In addition, Sarine said the GIA now is conducting tests for the possible application of DiaMension Axiom in symmetry parameter grading, such as facets pointing.

The DiaMension Axiom is a diamond scanner for measuring and modeling polished diamonds. Sarine said it is the only scanner that enables fully automated cut and symmetry grading. Instructor is the company’s polished diamond grading and analysis software and is the successor to DiaVision.

Sarine CEO Uzi Levami said the company is proud of the DiaMension Axiom, which is “unmatched by any other available system on the market,” and by the GIA’s adoption of the Instructor software as its standard Sarine package for cut grading.

He said Sarine customers now can phase out use of the older DiaVision software and most likely get the same cut grade as given by the GIA, provided their hardware platforms have been properly maintained.

Sarine Technologies Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells products for the planning, processing and evaluation of diamonds and gemstones. It is listed on the Singapore Exchange Mainboard, the stock exchange for Singapore.

Information courtesy of National Jeweler