Bharat Diamond Bourse Suspends Members Suspected of Undisclosed Synthetics Trading.

The Bharat Diamond Bourse has advised its members as follows:
"All the Members of the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) are hereby informed and put to notice that the following Persons, Company and its Directors and entities have been found conducting its business and selling and dealing in lab grown synthetic diamonds without making the necessary disclosures in respect of the same."

The bourse then gives the names of individuals connected to VSM Diamonds Private Limited.

"Therefore," says the announcement, "BDB has suspended the above persons, their representatives, agents, servants etc. from entering BDB and debarred them for applying for an obtaining trade membership or property membership in BDB. Any entry cards / passes, if any, issued to the aforesaid persons or to their vehicles shall stand terminated and cancelled forthwith."

Any queries should be directed to the bourse management. Sister bourses around the world have been advised accordingly, in accordance with time-honored procedures.