Coloured diamonds are at par with colourless diamonds

Natural coloured diamonds have their own charm and fascinate everyone who comes under their spell. These miracles of nature are not only rare but also are renowned for their beauty across the globe. Be it royalties or Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, they all have been fascinated by the natural coloured diamonds.

NCDIA had organised a seminar on ‘Entering the World of Natural Coloured Diamonds’ at GIA, Mumbai. The not-for-profit association believes that the more gem and jewellery industry knows about Natural Colour Diamonds, the better equipped it will be to introduce them to the potential consumers.

The panelists at the seminar included Yogendra Sethi, a renowned jewellery designer and an artist; Darshit Hirani, Partner, P. Hirani and; Mathew Hall, GIA, Inc. The seminar was moderated by Gunjan Jain from Diamond World magazine.

The packed hall seminar was attended by the manufacturers, jewellers, designers from the gem and jewellery industry. Speaking on demand comparison of coloured diamonds v/s colourless diamonds, Yogendra Sethi said “Though the industry is mainly ruled by the white diamonds, there is demand for coloured diamonds. But the quantum of demand is quite low due to lack of awareness amongst the buyers.”

Adding further, Darshit Hirani said “Buyers, especially in India, still look at coloured diamonds as gemstones. So, there is need to create understanding about these beauties.” In regards a specific colour, Darshit added “As far as colours are concerned, green is well accepted in Asian markets while pink, as it is one of rarest colour, has got demand in China and the U.S.”

Mathew Hall insisted on buying only certified goods. He emphasized on the certification of natural diamonds either by GIA or any other established certifying authority.

Argyle pink diamond has always been the centre of attraction. However, a drastic supply shortage is due to occur in 2020 with the closure of the Argyle mine, as per the reports. Even price of pink diamonds has gone up twice in the recent times, while price of yellow diamonds have not appreciated well. The seminar concluded on a note that the coloured diamonds are certainly at par with the colourless diamonds but awareness is needed to boost the demand.