Board of Directors 2017 Election


Please review all the candidates below before voting in the 2017 Board election

Jose Batista
Rio Diamond Corp.
 Jose Batista is a second generation diamond wholesaler that specializes in natural fancy color diamonds. He has over 18 years’ experience in the diamond industry. Working at Rio Diamond Corp. has given him the opportunity to work first hand with some of the rarest fancy colors. 
The Rio Diamond Corp. entrepreneur environment and natural fancy color inventory has provided him the opportunity to expand and adapt to challenges of the diamond business. As VP of Rio Diamond Corp., Jose has been instrumental in adapting to a more retail oriented environment by creating unique jewelry with a balance of fancy colors.
As an active member of the Natural Color Diamond Association, Jose has served on the marketing committee which helped bring awareness to fancy color diamonds customers. He has participated as a speaker for NCDIA and AGA events.  Jose currently serves on the NCDIA membership committee, which reviews and assists all new members.


Elan Ben-David
Ishay Ben-David Fancy Colors
 My name is Elan Ben-David, Vice President of IBD Fancy Colors, LLC. I have worked with natural color diamonds for over 10 years and gained an invaluable knowledge and expertise in this field from my mentor and father Ishay Ben-David, a well-respected diamond dealer and colored diamond professional for over 30 years. 
Over the past decade I have witnessed significant developments in the natural color diamond market. I have come to understand the intricacies involved in manufacturing, grading, and evaluating these stones with a strong emphasis on marketing to a broad international markets. I am proud to have worked along with my father in building our company reputation worldwide as a premier source for fine quality natural fancy color diamonds including rare and important jewelry pieces.  

Alan Bronstein
Aurora Gems
Alan Bronstein is among the world's most trusted advisors of colored diamonds to leading jewelers, fine jewelry designers, and private investors. He is the respected curator of the world's most famous natural fancy colored diamond collections, the Aurora Pyramid of Hope and the Butterfly of Peace Collection. 
Alan lectures widely ranging from the United Nations to the New York University. He has published two seminal books, "Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds - An Illustrated Study of the Aurora Collection" and "Forever Brilliant: The Aurora Collection of Colored Diamonds.” He sets uncompromising standards of qualifying and sourcing the most rare and beautiful diamonds for discerning collectors and connoisseurs.
Alan is a founding member of NCDIA and has worked on several committees over the years, including membership, education and marketing. He has also been an active member serving on NCDIA’s Executive Board.
Paul Chieveley-Williams
Belodiam, Diamwill

 Paul Chieveley-Williams began his career in 1981 working for DeBeers in London, starting out as a sorter, cleaver/sawer and then polisher. In the late 80s he moved to Belgium to work for I.D.C as a rough diamond buyer in Africa and South America.
In the early 90s Paul started his first company: Hardwill Diamonds BVBA, based in Antwerp. In 2001 he built his own polishing factory - Belodiam Industrial LTDA, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil where he specialised in the cutting and polishing of raw material.
In 2006 Paul opened Diamwill BVBA in Antwerp for the procurement of rough from worldwide diamond sources through the Antwerp diamond market. This was followed by the opening of Belodiam LTD in Hong Kong in 2010 where he supplies the local jewellery industry with top quality Fancy Colour Diamonds.
Paul recently opened his New York office, Diamwill USA, and is looking forward to working more closely with the NCDIA on promoting natural colour diamonds

Emily Duke
Finesse Diamonds Corp. 
Emily has worked at Finesse Diamonds Corp. for over three years, specializing in rare natural color diamonds. With a background in fashion, marketing and luxury bridal goods, Emily has brought her eye for style and design to the company. Having learned the ins and outs of color diamonds through hands on experience, she is eager to share her industry knowledge and fresh ideas with the board. Social media and content creation are among her greatest strengths. 
Emily has bigger aspirations for the association and hopes to help NCDIA grow and thrive. 
Emily is currently Co-chair of the NCDIA Marketing Committee.
Jordan Fine
JFine, Inc.

Jordan Fine is President of JFine, Inc. a boutique diamond company specializing in the rarest natural color diamonds that exist. Jordan’s passion for color has earned him the reputation as one of the world’s foremost experts of natural color diamonds.
Since 2006, Jordan has been an active board member of the NCDIA, serving as both President and Vice President, and has played an instrumental role in the association's marketing and educational programs.  
His company, JFine is an Authorized Argyle Partner, and over the years, Jordan has acquired a number of notable pink diamonds from this mine. He is a seasoned veteran in the diamond industry with diverse expertise encompassing: Diamond cutting/Manufacturing, Jewelry. Sales, Strategic marketing, Training and development. Prior to joining the jewelry industry, Jordan was a Director at a start-up technology company that traded on NASDAQ: STAD. Jordan Fine is a graduate from the Boston University School of Management.

Adrian Gad
Adrian Gad has been involved with natural colored diamonds since 1996. He received the GIA diamond grading certification in 2004. Currently, he is a member of the NCDIA and also the Vice President of AMGAD, Inc. As Vice President of AMGAD, much of his responsibilities involve working directly with suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. He has a vast amount of knowledge of the field and is well known throughout the industry and is known as someone who can be trusted and depended on.  
Darshit Hirani
P. Hirani
Darshit spearheads P.Hirani, a family owned fancy colour diamonds manufacturing business. Backed by a master in technology and a fairly long work experience in the corporate sector in the field of finance and technology, Darshit brings a fresh perspective to his business. He has successfully steered the growth of his company through the use of technology making it an internationally recognized specialist of fancy colour diamonds. P Hirani has an enviable list of clients ranging from renowned jewelers to designers to manufacturers across the globe.

Shelley Kabilu
Shelley & Co.
 Shelley Kabilu, managing director, of Shelley & Co. Inc., is a leading expert, supplier, and manufacturer of natural fancy colored diamonds. One of the few women in the industry, she has built a solid reputation since she began working in 1997. 

After starting out in the retail sector, Shelley ventured into other aspects of the industry. In 2000, being young, courageous, and full of passion, she began working with natural colored diamonds.

Shelley has traveled all over the world to find the top gems and she knows the needs of the end consumer, as well as all across the board. 

In addition to her diamond knowledge, in 2011 Shelley learned diamond cutting, and polishing of natural fancy colored diamonds with some of the world’s top diamond cutters. It has certainly given Shelley an advantage in the niche world of fancy colors.

 The “Shelley Red Diamond” that was featured in Rapaport magazine, was named after Shelley. It is known for its beauty and rarity.

 Shelley has worked in every aspect of the industry, including with retailers, wholesalers, and in manufacturing diamonds and jewelry, and working with diamond collectors. She feels that her industry knowledge and experience makes her an excellent candidate for the NCDIA Board.



Ahron Kavakeb
Ahron Kavakeb has been working with Fancy Color Diamonds for over 20 years.  His diamond experience ranges from stones weighing less than 1pt to 10 carats and above.  He has, luckily, had the opportunity to deal with every color in the rainbow.  With hands-on experience, extensive knowledge in Fancy Color Diamond, and extensive knowledge of how the industry functions, he is the ideal candidate for the NCDIA Board of Directors. 
His company, Gemelody Inc., was established in 1987 from humble beginnings in white melee diamonds.  After many years they moved into fancy color melee.  The company then added other colors and moved into larger goods. Gemelody Inc. has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of Fancy Color Diamonds and Fancy Color Melee in the industry.

Itzik Polnauer
Leibish & Co.
Itzik originally started in 2006 as a photographer in Leibish & Co., and eventually took on the role of managing the sales, marketing, and website development. Over the years, Itzik has made a substantial contribution to both the company and the colored diamond industry. He alone is responsible for some of the most exciting online sales and incredible marketing programs that the company has launched.
Itzik is not just a good manager, but an excellent leader with a clear vision of how to properly utilize the website, the Internet, and all social media platforms to bring awareness of the beauty of Fancy Color Diamonds.
Itzik recently moved to New York, with the goal of maximizing the potential of the American market. Although it might be tough, there is no better candidate to serve in his new role of COO and Senior Vice President of Leibish & Co., and further develop the brand.
Jeffrey Post
Gem Platinum
 Jeffrey graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. He gained tremendous business insight working in the realm of “Big Business”. Finally, having had enough of the suit and tie culture he resigned himself to finding a new vehicle to utilize his business skills as well an untried artistic trait waiting to show itself.
Jeffrey has been with Gem Platinum for 27+ years, working with his wife Jane, overseeing all aspects of the company. From original designs under the guise of Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs to all marketing, social media, buying and financial oversight, he does it all. Gem Platinum is a member of NCDIA, JVC, JA, JSA, GIA and is a registered supplier with the AGS.
Joining the NCDIA 10 years ago as a member, he is a past president and is currently Secretary/Treasurer of the association. Under his tenure he has completely reinvented the organization in order to provide the best possible avenue for education, training and sourcing.
Nilesh Sheth
Nice Diamonds
 Nilesh Sheth is president of Forever Collections, Inc. DBA. Nice Diamonds. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from California State University in 1986 before opening a branch office of Nice Diamonds in New York City in May, 1987. 
Nilesh has been involved in the jewelry industry for over 28 years. He has grown his own business with honesty and integrity. He has also held positions in different organizations to help grow business of members with educational and marketing seminars. 
He is currently serving on the board of JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade), IDCA (Indian Diamond & Colored Stone Association) and is on the education committee of NCDIA (Natural Color Diamond Association). He has held positions of secretary & treasurer in IDCA and Director in NCDIA. He has helped arrange seminars for members in collaboration with GIA, JVC and JBT to address governance, standard practices, disclosure, compliance and credit issues facing the industry. He is actively involved with GIA’s research department to help them create processes to identify treatments and assist GIA with events to educate the trade of new treatments and synthetics.