Diamond Producers Association Hosts ‘Real Is Rare’ Screening In NYC

The Diamond Producers Association unveiled the first two commercials in “Real is Rare,” its new campaign designed to fuel millennial interest in diamonds, at an event held at The 620 Loft & Garden overlooking Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue.


According to Michelle Graff of National Jeweler, “the most powerful statements came after, from the last speaker of the evening, Helzberg Diamonds Chairwoman and CEO Beryl Raff.

“The most important thing that happened tonight is—it happened. This industry needs this so badly,” she said. “The tailwind that we’ve all experienced in our retail businesses from all of the ‘Diamond is Forever’ days, is long gone. It’s long, long gone. And nobody is out there telling this younger generation that they need a diamond, that they want a diamond, and what a diamond means.””


View one of the “Real Is Rare” commercials on YouTube: https://youtu.be/V1bJ_OXOeUU