Hyper-rare Diamonds Discovered in Lesotho
Hyper-rare Diamonds Discovered in Lesotho
By www.israelidiamond.co.il
17.10.12, 10:37 / Mining
Diamonds of an exceedingly rare type, including those with a blue color, were discovered in Lesotho by diamond company Firestone. The stones, extracted from the Firestone's Liqhobong mine, fall into categories that comprise less than 2% of all the diamonds in the world, Mining.com reports.
Some of the diamonds harvested at Liqhobong are of the type 2 variety while 28 others are of the even rarer type 2a variety. Only very seldomly are high color high quality crystals found in the diamond industry.
Firestone said that although the mine has not been exhaustively explored and its potential is as yet not fully known, the discovery of the blue diamond is proof positive of the diversity of diamonds that Liqhobong holds in store, according to Mining.com.
Johan Erikson, CEO of consultant firm First Element, noted that Firestone also discovered a 27-carat diamond last month that is believed to have originally been a part of a stone measuring more than 200 carats in total.