Israeli Diamantaire Wins Colored Diamond Award

Israeli Diamantaire Wins Colored Diamond Award

Israeli Diamond Industry

December 12, 2012

An Israeli diamond manufacturer became the first ever recipient of an diamond industry award to honor achievement in the sphere of natural colored diamonds. Eden Rachminov, owner and managing partner of Rachminov Diamonds was granted the accolade by the Natural Color Diamond Association at a ceremony in New York.

The distinction bestowed upon Rachminov, the Achievement Award for Education and Promotion of Natural Color Diamonds, was awarded for Rachminov's contributions to increasing awareness about color diamonds and the wide variety of differently-hued diamonds that he advocates for.

In addition to articles on the topic he has authored in various diamond industry publications, Rachminov wrote 'The Fancy Color Diamond Book' and is now at work on a second such book.

Rachminov received the award at the first ever 'Night of Color Diamonds Gala' in Manhattan. The decision to grant him the award was made by diamond industry leaders from recognized institutions such as the GIA and JCK.