NCDIA Launches the Global Forum Initiative On Natural Color Diamonds

 NCDIA Launches the Global Forum Initiative On Natural Color Diamonds

New York, NY Oct 8th, 2015 —The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) announces plans to host international conferences in Australia, London, Antwerp, Israel and Hong Kong to continue to build the awareness on the Natural Color Diamond category. Our conferences will discuss a wide variety of topics from the Market, Rarity and Value, Natural vs. Synthetic and Retailing with color, we are confident this initiative will allow NCDIA to add valuable information to the trade and retail community to build consumer awareness.

NCDIA launched this program in both the US and India with conferences in New York and Mumbai. The New York conference focused primarily on the Natural Pink Diamond category with the “Pink Event” presented by Argyle Pink Diamonds at the W Hotel NY, an all day event highlighting Rarity and Value and Retailing with Natural Pink Diamonds. In India NCDIA organized a conference on how to “Enter the World of Natural Color Diamonds” at the GIA India Laboratory, Mumbai. Both conferences were very well attended offering further proof that Natural Color Diamonds are becoming increasing popular among the industry however there is a lack of awareness at all levels of the supply chain.   

“Our rarity panel represented perhaps the most thorough knowledge of pink diamonds ever assembled Josephine Johnson (Argyle), Alan Bronstein (Aurora Gems) and Wuyi Wang (GIA, Inc.). From history, through mining, science and practical gemology the group had an unparalleled breadth of information” Tom Gelb – NCDIA

 “It was such a privilege to be a part of the NCDIA Pink Diamond Event, talking about one of my favorite subjects, Argyle Pink Diamonds. The opportunity to work with such rarity and beauty is truly inspiring.” Rohan Milne – Rohan Jewellery

“Argyle Pink Diamonds is more like collecting fine art,” “It is really a connoisseur’s market.” Josephine Johnson – Argyle Pink Diamonds

“Buyers, especially in India, still look at color diamonds as gemstones. So, there is need to create understanding about these beauties.” Darshit Hirani – P.Hirani

“Though the industry is mainly ruled by the white diamonds, there is demand for color diamonds. But the quantum of demand is quite low due to lack of awareness amongst the buyers.” Yogendra Sethi – Manak

“As moderators for the conference, Rob Bates of JCK and Gary Roskin of ICA, did a splendid job by leading the panels to focus on the latest relevant scientific updates and motivational tools for wholesalers and retailers, and thus help consumers have less resistance and more confidence in communicating how pink diamonds of any size or shade could be an alternative choice to a colorless diamond.” Alan Bronstein – Aurora Gems

Pink Diamonds: Rarity and Value – October 2nd, 2015
(Panel moderator - Gary Roskin of The Roskin Gem Report.)

·      Thomas Gelb - NCDIA
·      Alan Bronstein – Aurora Gems
·      Josephine Johnson – Argyle Pink Diamonds
·      Wuyi Wang – GIA, Inc

Retailing Natural Pink Diamonds – October 2nd, 2015
(Panel moderator- Rob Bates of JCK)

·      Josephine Johnson – Argyle Pink Diamonds
·      Jordan Fine – J.Fine, Inc.
·      Rohan Milne – Rohan Jewellery
·      Scott West – LJ West Diamonds
·      Breanne Wittrock – Gundersons

Entering the World of Natural Color Diamonds – October 8th, 2015
(Panel moderator – Gunjan Jain of Diamond World Magazine)

·      Yogendra Sethi – Manak
·      Darshit Hirani – P.Hirani
·      Mathew Hall – GIA, Inc.

*Natural Color Diamonds – Rarity – November 2015
(Panel moderator – Danielle Max of Idex Magazine)

·      Leibish Polnauer – Leibish & Co.
·      Oren Benma – Benma Fancy Diamonds
·      Shelley Kabilu – Shelley & Co.
Location - Israel Diamond Institute

*NCDIA’s upcoming conferences in Australia, London, Israel, Hong Kong and Antwerp will be announced shortly.

For more information or to register for upcoming conferences, please contact: Gino Di Geso – NCDIA Director at (212) 644-9747; or via email at 

About NCDIA:

The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA)’s mission is to educate and promote global awareness and desire for natural color diamonds. Founded in 2003, NCDIA is a non-profit, membership-based organization that includes some of the world's most renowned rough diamond producers, diamond and jewelry manufacturers, designers and retailers. NCDIA is a prominent voice as an authority for natural color diamonds whose goal is to stimulate the market with up-to-date, relevant information, and provide members with opportunities to network, communicate and interact in trading.