All that Glitters – Oscars 2012

All that Glitters – Oscars 2012

The stardust from the 2011 Academy Awards, affectionately known as the Oscars, has barely been blown from our eyes and the 2012 Oscars is upon us. Millions of eyes from all around the world focused on the red carpet to witness the glitz and glamour of the movie industry’s night of nights.

As always, the stars were out to impress with clothing and accessories from the great fashion and jewelry houses. There were colors other than the red of the carpet to keep the masses enthralled – in particular, the colors of fancy color diamonds.

Bridesmaids actress, Melissa McCarthy wowed the crowds with her 10 carat diamond earrings decorated with pink diamonds and a pink tourmaline cocktail ring from Chopard.







Not to be outdone, or should that be outshone, was Penelope Ann Miller, who also graced the red carpet  with pink diamonds, including a rare 3 carat radiant diamond ring, surrounded by pink and white diamonds.










It seems as though the 84th Academy Awards ceremony would be an exclusive showcase for pink diamonds. Thankfully Livia Firth, wife of Academy Award winning actor Colin Firth, decided to break the pink ‘monotony’ when she wore a magnificent pair of pink and blue earrings encrusted with Argyle pink and blue diamonds.










Designed and created by Australian jeweler, John Calleija, the earrings featured two of the rarest fancy colored diamonds – pink and blue. Most of the world’s pink diamonds emanate from the Argyle as well as the incredibly rare blue colored stones. In fact, the Argyle Diamond Mine holds a Pink diamond tender every year to sell off the best of the best pink colored diamonds. They instituted in 2009 the Once in a Blue Moon tender, which sold off the best of the best blue colored diamonds.

Perhaps a name not yet known in Hollywood is Li Bingbing, China's most famous actress. However her penchant for accessorizing is definitely in keeping with the crème de la crème of Hollywood chic. Complementing her white gown were diamond earrings and a yellow diamond, white diamond and ruby bracelet by Cindy Chao. Her custom made $400,000 Lana Marks purse glittered with 1,600 fully-faceted white diamonds, 40 carats of pink pave diamonds, an 18 carat pink gold front flap and metallic silver American Louisiana alligator leather. Embellishing the bag was Li BingBing's name in diamonds designed in Lana J. Mark's handwriting.










The Oscars may have celebrated its 84th anniversary but the fancy color diamonds gracing the event were making their debut after millennia of primping and preening. Guess every legendary ceremony needs its ‘old’ friends.