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Masson Abram

Mishael Abram, founder of M. Abram Ltd in 1932 and Jacques Masson, founder of J.V.Masson in 1945 (3rd generation) were both well known international gem dealers with impeccable reputations in the world of precious stones. The companies have continued to this day. Their descendants, Tony Abram and Linda Masson, of London and Hong Kong, have recently been working in the field of coloured diamonds and rare collectable semi-precious stones. They have an enviable network of top suppliers and sources among the few invited to tender for the Argyle pinks. As a business that is built on trust and contact, this is very important.

•    Constantly appraise and evaluate the current coloured diamond market.
•    Track current prices of desired diamonds.
•    Track availability and location of specific diamonds.
•    Aid easy transaction of one of the world’s greatest investment opportunities.
•    Use their best endeavours to secure the keenest prices whilst dealing with the most reputable and reliable sources.
•    Organise insurance and shipping from source to location for viewing and help arrange secure long term storage and insurance if requested.
•    Allow owner investors the opportunity to enter the exclusive world of coloured diamonds. To be able to view and purchase specially selected gems at competitive prices and to have the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful and extraordinary market.

Suite 319 Lien Hall 162-168
Tony Abram