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Wick and Greene Jewelers

When you walk through the doors of the historic 1920’s Art Deco building on Patton Avenue, you will walk into the living room of Western North Carolina’s premier family jeweler.

E.O. WickThe story of Wick and Greene is one of opportunity and passion. In 1926 E.O. Wick, with a desire to escape the hectic New York lifestyle, moved to Asheville and opened a small jewelry repair shop on Wall Street. His skills as an expert enamellist, hand engraver, and jeweler served him well. So well, he was able to take on an apprentice in 1942.

The apprentice was a young man by the name of Paul Greene. Paul eagerly worked alongside Mr. Wick, learning the business and the art of creating one-of-a-kind custom jewelry. In 1948 Paul married Lucia Brown and she joined the business as well. In 1953, Paul became a full partner in the jewelry store and Wick and Greene was born.

Although, E.O. Wick was laid to rest in 1959, Paul decided to retain the name Wick and Greene as a tribute to his mentor. He continued to grow and expand the business, bringing in beautiful lines of jewelry to compliment his amazing hand-engraved jewelry pieces.

In May of 1971 Wick and Greene went from a trade shop to a full service and manufacturing jewelers with a retail store located at 10 Wall Street.

Paul & Michael Greene

121 Patton Ave
Michael Greene